Terrederce is a young cellar but has deep roots in viticulture, producing grapes of excellent quality thanks to a terroir in perfect harmony with nature. Until recently the crops were purchased by third parties but founder Salvatore Sabatini, flanked by the younger members of his family, decided to create his own label line, using the cream of the harvest crops.

The heart of Terrederce can be found on the Punta Aderci promontory, also called Punta d’Erce, and named after Erce, the goddess of nature and abundance. The headland, in the municipality of Vasto, in Abruzzo, is home to a nature reserve and to Terrederce vineyards.

The regional authorities decided to make the promontory a protected area because of the stunning and unique natural setting. The rock spur is the habitat for fascinating species of flora, and marine and terrestrial fauna, which have made the sea beds, cleft rocks and cliffs their own.

Terrederce also harvests grapes from inland plots, nestling between the mountains and the coast, on the wild valley slopes of the tumultuous River Sinello.

Fermentation and all cellar procedures, as well as storage, are entrusted to a nearby winery of which Salvatore Sabatini is a partner.

Salvatore and his family are thrilled by this new venture and the excellent results achieved, so they have decided to invest further and delight more palates, at home and abroad, with the flavours of this wine country and natural paradise.